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Open Minded, Open Hearted

Grounded in the love of God, Church of the Foothills welcome all as Christ welcomes us. We are intentionally an Open & Affirming congregation, naming our LGBTQ+ neighbors as fully included at Christ’s table. We especially welcome those who are questioning their faith or deconstructing from toxic faith communities. There is room at the table for you, wherever you and your family are in your journey of faith.

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose of this Church is to provide an environment open for all to worship God, develop Christian values, share life’s experiences, strive for truth, justice and peace, and respond with compassion to the needs of others. With God’s help, we seek to keep this a Christ-centered Church with a warm and friendly heart, an open mind, and an adventurous spirit.

We celebrate together as community

Scripture proclaims that God is love (1 John 4:7). We believe that being church is following the way of Jesus, good news that really is GOOD for our neighbors. Every week, we choose to celebrate and live our love, through worship, small groups, good food, and acts of kindness and compassion.

We take the bible seriously, not literally

The Bible is an ancient and complex book, rooted in cultures different than our own. It is our guide of faith. We wrestle seriously with scripture but refuse to use the Bible as a weapon to harm others and exclude them from God’s table. We love to listen to many perspectives and voices as we read together.

We live our passion for justice

Justice is a way for us to name and participate in a reality where God is fully present. We long for a world free from the sins of violence, racism, hunger, homophobia, and inequality – with God’s help. Do you desire that kind of world too?

Our story: "Everyone will have to be a little uncomfortable."

Church of the Foothills is an intentional merger of two congregations – Church of the Foothills (UCC) and Camille Christian Church (DoC). Each congregation prayerfully discerned a path to join together for a shared purpose – to witness and work for God’s love. This vision is rooted in ancient call of unity that we find in Jesus’ prayer in the Gospel of John that his disciples “may be one” (John 17:21).

One of our early and powerful stories comes from the leadership of Rev. Bernie Davis who helped facilitate the connection and vision between the two congregations. As these two communities came together hoping to build something stronger, he challenged the church and its leaders to be “uncomfortable” – to stretch themselves out of their comfort zones. As we live deeply into God’s call and welcome all to Christ’s table, we must be challenged to grow more deeply in God’s love for each other and our neighbors.

Learn More About Our Denominational Background

Our church is a successfully aligned congregation of two denominations: The United Church of Christ (UCC) and the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ (DOC). Each denomination values reading the Bible for ourselves and wrestling with all questions of faith. We practice an open table, where all are invited to share in the gifts of God.

Chalice for the Disciples of Christ

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

We are a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world. Learn more about the Disciples and how we are welcoming all as Christ first welcomed us.

United Church of Christ

God is still speaking. We are a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church united in Spirit to love all, welcome all and seek justice for all.

Our Partnerships

Global Ministries

We are a Global Ministries Church. Global Ministries provides support and on-site helping hands for work needed beyond our national borders and unique projects and sustainability programs that weave our lives together with the real needs of our international community.

Open & Affirming

As an open & affirming church, Church of the Foothills partners with Disciples LGBTQ+ Alliance to openly welcome and affirm persons of all gender expressions and sexual orientations.

Leadership & Staff

Pastor Nathan Hill

Rev. Nathan Hill


Rev. Nathan is honored to serve a faith community passionate for an inclusive welcome at the Table and the work for justice. Originally from Oklahoma, he comes to Foothills after serving congregations in Texas and Maryland. He is also a core trainer with Reconciliation Ministry

Marci Carey

Director of Foothills Preschool

Marci loves the children and is praised by parents and teachers alike for her dedication and skill.  She worked for several years as a teacher at FPS before she became our director in 2016.  


Sammy Salvador

Director of Music Ministries

Sammy is is a dynamic choir director as a public educator, member of the Pacific Chorale, and newest staff addition at Church of the Foothills.


Cristina Flores

Office Manager

Cristina joined the ministry team as Office Manager in September of 2022. She has joined Church of the Foothills to assist its congregation and community. You can find her in the office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings or you can reach her by phone at 714-544-1319 on Tuesday and Thursday.

Circle Placeholders-02

John Douglas


John’s musicality and skill have been a blessing to us since he was hired as a teenager in 1973. His repertoire includes classical and contemporary pieces.

Jeff Segal


Jeff has many professional gigs when he is not playing with us on Sunday mornings.  

Choral Music Intern

Choral Music Intern

This one year internship is focused on work with our choir. We will fill this position in fall 2022.

Norma Parra


Norma and her crew has maintained the campus for the many ministries we host each week for more than twenty years.  Thank you, Norma!